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Creating advanced learning
experiences with Mixed Reality
& Augmented Intelligence

I see and I forget.
I hear and I remember.
I do and I understand.

Dilemma of our Education
and Training Approches

Education and training systems are based on a classical approach: reading, observation and listening. We can define these learning models as passive because the user is unable to make this process his own and assimilate the contents.
A learning by doing approach, two weeks after the experience, allows the memorization of up to 90% of what has been done and said, compared to just 10% of a standard passive approach. Proposing a practical and active learning approach allows to be obtain the best educational results.
memorization 90%

What is TINALP

An example of TINALP's Augmented classroom. The professor's avatar indicates to the strudent wearing Hololens 2 where to takes a section on the Earth's 3D model

It is a learning platform which revolutionizes the concept of education 4.0 introducing augmented classroom which simulates practical scenarios, with real-time trainer-trainees interaction, for a customized and immersive learning experience.

Using Augmented Reality TINALP creates a more realistic immersive e-learning experience, enabling new ways of training through mobile cloud classroom and virtual presence. In addition, teachers can retrieve real-time information about each student, to shape training to their specific needs and capabilities.

What we offer

Unique AR/VR Learning experience

multi-users shared experience enables people to join a training or learning session in real-time and with low latency from anywhere in the world using different devices, teleporting teachers or expert trainers in any place at any time, as well. 

Users can interact with each other, manipulate 3D/2D elements (for example slides, videos, 3D models), and can also enjoy unique content such as volumetric 3D videos.

TINALP provides for multi-users shared experience anywhere in the world through differente devices such as Microsoft HoloLens
Multi-users shared experience
Manipulate 3D/2D elements
An example of TINALP's Augmented classroom. The professor's and the student's avatars interacts in real-time and with low latency, workig together on the Solar System 3D model.

Learning Units Editor

Our online platform aims to be the “PowerPoint for Mixed Reality“: TINALP no-code visual editor allows to create lessons quickly and cost-effective, importing 2D/3D content. Furthermore, it’s easy to turn paper-based manuals into interactive guides.

Moreover, after the creation, we provide for secure global deployment and management with useful intuitive features and AI-powered reports and analytics.

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Optimize and Digitalize Learning Process

Improve Training & Skills Development

Create a safe Training Environment

Why use Tinalp

An example of TINALP's Augmented classroom. A student, wearing Hololens 2, interact wuth rge Sola system 3D modelm in from of the profrssor, wgo wears Hololens 2 as well. Another student attend the lesson in the classroom, wearing Nreal Light glasses. A third student is virtually connected.


First of all TINALP enables schools and universities to empower teachers with an immersive tool which allows them to better explain complex concepts thanks to the unmatched capabilities of interaction with 3D models.



On the other hand, companies can extend their training modules, from soft-skills management to complex repairing procedures on industrial machineries, by allowing trainers and trainees to work with 3D objects which simulate real life scenarios.


An example of remote training with TINALP in Industry. The expert trainer is in the room as an avatar, teaching the worker, who wears Hololes 2, how to set a 3D model of at urbine.

Industrial Training

In professional training in the technological evolution of machinery and IT integration, equal attention to the methodologies and tools used is not followed: much is still based on paper cards, stamps and the constant presence of a natural person.

Higher Education

Universities and higher education centers are at the forefront with regard to new development and innovation technologies, but not for the use of teaching relegated to lectures and the study of books based on passive observation.

Secondary School

Ensuring that students are engaged, motivated and challenged throughout their school career is a key priority for teachers. But the most popular learning methods consist of frontal lessons with the aid of paper manuals and laboratory lessons.

Soft Skills

Companies are more and more focused on improve their workers soft skills. This aspect emerges as well during staff selection. Mixed Reality can help creating immersive scenarios in which simulate interactions and collect data for an analytic analysis of the experience.


Healthcare need solutions for remote training, with the opportunity of simulating real situations in real time interactions for an active learning experience. Mixed Reality and Augmented Intelligence can help as well for remote collaboration, teleporting people and data anywhere, at any time.

Vodafone Action for 5G Program

Thanks to Action for 5G it will revolutionize the concept of education 4.0 with remote virtual classes that simulate real situations, with real-time interactions trainertrainees for a personalized and immersive learning experience based on Mixed Reality and Augmented Intelligence.
The platform is designed to be used both in the Cloud and on the local network, based on each company’s security and privacy policies, and over the next 12 months will be evolved into TINALP 5G to make the most of the 5G network capabilities in terms of bandwidth, low latency and the new Multi-Access Edge Computing paradigm.

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