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The first end-to-end Immersive Learning Solution for Training & Education

The first end-to-end Immersive Solution for Training & Education

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Tinalp is an immersive learning solution which revolutionizes education and training by introducing the concept of Augmented Classrooms, simulating practical scenarios. Used for real-time trainer-trainee interactions as well as a multi-user, shared, customised experience. 


Tinalp is applicable across various sectors, fostering the development of both soft and technical skills in:



Secondary Schools



Private & Public Institutions

Secondary Schools



Private & Public Institutions

No matter your field or educational level, Tinalp’s immersive learning solution enhances seamless learning and skill development in the captivating worlds of eXtended Reality: virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality.

tinalp immersive learning solution's benefits

Optimize and Digitalize Learning Process

Streamline educational workflows and enhance engagement with digital tools that make learning more memorable, efficient and interactive.

Improve Training & Skills Development

Elevate skill acquisition and retention through immersive, hands-on experiences that simulate real-world scenarios.

Create a Safe Training Environment

Provide a secure and controlled setting for learners to practice and master complex tasks without real-world risks.


The no-code visual editor allows the creation of lessons quickly and cost-effectively by simply importing 2D and 3D content. An immersive tool which empowers teachers to facilitate the explanation of complex concepts thanks to the unmatched capabilities of captivating interaction with the 3D or 2D models.

Tinalp Supports

Develop and distribute your immersive learning experiences on any XR headset, smartphone or tablet, with the opportunity of mirroring on interactive whiteboards or other screens.

Ready-to-use in every Marketplace

All the leading XR devices are suitable to Tinalp, ensuring seamless delivery and compatibility, now available in the most popular app stores. Check the link below to secure the right version for your needs.

For specific devices, visit our store.